Effective Home Remedies #2 – Cold and Cough

With its powerful antioxidants, garlic is protective against cough and cold.

You can take ½ teaspoon of ginger powder with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Warm water mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice and honey is also effective.

Gargling with warm salty water is also beneficial.

People often complain about cold and flu during the monsoon season. Symptoms of cold and flu are quite familiar to all of us- runny nose, cough, congestion, headache and at times fever. Nature’s remedies can be found in the garden, the kitchen, and on the vitamin shelf; and they don’t lead to drowsiness! Get relief quickly at home. Here are several simple home remedies that will greatly relieve your cold symptoms:

Combine the following herbs together:

Ginger 1 part

Cinnamon 1 part

Lemongrass 2 parts

Stir 1 teaspoon of this formula for about 10 minutes in 1 cup of hot water; strain it, and add honey for sweetness if you like. If you drink this delicious tea several times a day, it will help to take care of cold, congestion, and flu.

Hot water

Drinking hot water several times a day is an effective way to remove toxins from the system and hasten recovery from a cold.

No dairy products

Dairy products should be strictly avoided such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk, and all cold drinks.

Here are some recipes for cold and cough:

Boil one tea spoon ginger or a few eucalyptus leaves, in a pint of water. Inhale the steam, this will relief the congestion. Try half teaspoon fennel seeds with one tea spoon natural sugar two to three times a day.

For a cold with cough and congestion, mix half spoon cinnamon with one tea spoon honey. Eat this mixture two to three times a day.

An ancient ayurvedic formula that is effective for cold is sitopaladi one part and mahasudarshan churna one part and combine these herbs in equal proportions and take one fourth tea spoon with one tea spoon honey three times a day after eating.


Don’t combine aspirin and ginger.

Ginger and aspirin are both blood thinner and shouldn’t be taken together; therefore it is wise to drink ginger tea or use any other ginger remedy either two hours before or after you take aspirin.

Make sure you take a tablet of Vitamin C on daily basis.

Natural nose drops

Put a drop of liquefied ghee or bhrami oil in each nostril. This will lubricate the nasal passages and relief a cold.

For dry cough

Try chewing one forth of ajwain with one tea spoon of organic sugar.

Make Tulsadi tea of tulsi powder or tulsi leaves (five to six) or half a tea spoon of licorice powder (Mulathi powder) and half tea spoon with honey. This tea is very effective.

For children cough

Take half a cup of pomegranate juice, one pinch of ginger powder and a pinch of pipli powder.

For chronic cough

Make a mixture of one fourth part of garlic powder and one part of trikatu, add a little honey take this twice a day.

Recipe for stubborn cough

Chop one clove of garlic and boil it with half cup milk, add one fourth tea spoon turmeric. This garlic turmeric milk heals most types of cough.